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“The Diktamen system met all our requirements for a digital dictation system and we have been impressed with how easy it has been to implement. The service team at Diktamen has been outstanding, responding proactively to ensure a seamless delivery of the system. Staff have adapated to the system with ease, with very little training required. 

Diktamen has enabled us to improve our capital expenditure whilst meeting expectations and improving the way that business works.”

Sharon Hooper, Brachers IT Support & Training Manager

Farrer & Co

“We were very impressed with Diktamen right from the beginning. Rolling out Diktamen to approximately 250 users was very easy and was accomplished in days and not weeks. The amount of IT intervention needed for this project was minimal and uncomplicated. 

The Diktamen solution is very intuitive and staff were able to start using it without any training. This has been a simple project, and exactly what was promised on day one!  

We literally eliminated all our ongoing historic digital dictation capital expenditure overnight for a solid True-cloud service that our users enjoy using.

Andy Beech, Farrer & Co IT Director

Taylor Walton LLP

“Working with Diktamen has been very straightforward. We tested the Diktamen dictation solution vigorously over a lengthy trial in co-operation with Quiss Technology, and it was clear from the outset that their solution was an improvement. 

It subsequently passed our stringent internal assessment with flying colours. Not only do we now have a better product, we are also saving a considerable amount of money by switching provider.

Steve Smith, Taylor Walton LLP, CFO and Deputy MLRO