Beswicks Legal switch to Diktamen for Digital Dictation

Beswicks Legal is a modern, straight-talking, top-tier law firm with an enviable reputation for delivering outstanding results for clients. The award-winning team is a well-established firm based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, but with national and international reach thanks to their sports law practice.

Always looking to improve their service for clients, the innovative firm constantly ensures they have the best tools for their team.

Digital dictation is a tool that has been used for years at Beswicks Legal and something they wished to continue using. But after consulting with their resident dictation provider, the firm felt they were being strong-armed into upgrading at a significant cost. In addition to their already overpriced annual support contract and additional mobile licenses.

Learning about Diktamen and our bespoke cost-effective dictation solution, it was clear that our customizable cloud solution was best suited for their needs.  Bewsicks were very impressed with the Diktamen solution and the speed of delivery, in addition to the significant cost savings from the outset.

A trial was set up for a small set of users at Beswicks to test and fine-tune the bespoke solution to their satisfaction. Shortly into the trial, the IT team at Beswicks gave the go-ahead for firm-wide roll out – as the initial feedback was very positive and it was clear Diktamen was the best way forward.

Tim Knight, Business Operations Manager at Beswicks says “Working with Diktamen has been a great pleasure. We were able to reduce the cost for Dictation significantly. The project and support team are super-fast with modifications to our system – and it’s refreshing that they do these configurations at no extra cost”

Joe DiCarlo, Vice President of Business Development at Diktamen says “Providing better value for clients is something we set out to do from the beginning, so it is great to see Beswicks benefiting from our modern approach. There is no longer a monopoly for unjustifiably expensive digital dictation in the UK, which our clients are extremely pleased about”.


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