Brachers LLP upgrade to Diktamen for True-Cloud Digital Dictation

Brachers is an award-winning law firm in Kent. The firm has been providing valuable legal support to individuals, families, and businesses across the South East for over 125 years. Brachers prides itself on delivering quality and value to clients through continuous innovation, robust management practice and a commitment to excellence.

Over the past year, Brachers has been implementing an ambitious IT strategy, with a focus on digitalisation of systems and services. The strategy aims to improve efficiencies within internal systems whilst also enhancing client experience. As part of the system upgrades, Brachers were looking to update their digital dictation system. In particular, the firm were looking for a system that supported their cloud-first and agile approach to working, which the Diktamen system was able to offer.

After a successful pilot of the system, the Diktamen system was rolled out across the firm, to approximately 200 users.

Sharon Hooper, Brachers IT Support & Training Manager: “The Diktamen system met all our requirements for a digital dictation system and we have been impressed with how easy it has been to implement. The service team at Diktamen has been outstanding, responding proactively to ensure a seamless delivery of the system. Staff have adapated to the system with ease, with very little training required. Diktamen has enabled us to improve our capital expenditure whilst meeting expectations and improving the way that business works.”

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen, VP Business Development “We are pleased that we were able to support Brachers with their IT strategy. The firm had specific requirements regarding digital dictation and Diktamen was able to fulfil these. This has enabled their staff to work smarter, not harder, which is a key focus of our system. We are delighted that we were able to provide the best solution, best service and best value for Brachers.”


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