Diktamen promote Joseph DiCarlo to Vice President of Business Development

With great success over the last 18 months, our business has expanded significantly – with new customers joining Diktamen daily. Focusing specifically in the UK, our growth and establishment continues to go from strength to strength – with great contribution from our team.

Due to achieving some of our 2019 goals for the UK at record speed, it gives us great pleasure to announce that we have promoted Joseph DiCarlo to Vice President of Business Development.

Per his 15 years’ industry experience and exceptional business development skills, Joe’s impact has instrumentally transformed our UK presence. With his insight helping our business right from the beginning.

CEO, Olavi Valkama “I am delighted that Joe’s enthusiasm and vision for Diktamen is matched with results. And as an ambitious technology company, we value our team and take pride in their development – especially for the benefit of partners and clients.  Joe’s contribution to our strategic plan and commitment for ongoing expansion at Diktamen, has been noticed throughout our departments – so his promotion is well deserved and great for our growing UK team.”

Vice President – Business Development, Joseph DiCarlo “I am enormously proud of our accomplishments thus far, and very aware that it takes a team of dedicated professionals to succeed. Our clients thrive and grow thanks to our professional dynamic approach. This is a very exciting time to be working for Diktamen and I’m thrilled to be an integral part of the Diktamen journey.”