Heald Solicitors LLP select Diktamen for True-Cloud Digital Dictation

Heald Solicitors LLP, based in Milton Keynes, are experts in business law. They understand how business people think. They understand their aspirations and the challenges that they face. Heald Solicitors LLP clients range from multi-national corporations based in the United Kingdom through owner-managed trading companies to start-up businesses. They have always been attuned to the commercial needs of business, with skills in relation to advising IT, technology and manufacturing companies, including those with international interests.

Kevin Windo, Heald Solicitors LLP’s Managing Partner “The advantages of using Diktamen Dictation from any location has been tremendous. Diktamen was very easy to deploy, and it was comforting to have responsive assistance when required. Overall a simple, effortless solution that required little training. It’s a vast improvement from our previous supplier, and we are happy with our investment in Diktamen.” 

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen, VP Business Development “The requirement to work from any location effortlessly is widespread. We always focus on our clients, and I could see from our initial discussions with Heald Solicitors that we could vastly improve working practices for them. It is always very gratifying to hear that our clients find our solution very easy to use and that it is a welcome improvement to their day to day working practices.”


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