Hedges Law switch to Diktamen for Digital Dictation

Hedges Law has seen more changes than most businesses over the years, it is not surprising though. To put it into context, this local law firm was established some twenty-three years before Charles Dickens was born.

Established in 1789 by John Hedges, Hedges Solicitors has traditionally been a cornerstone of the local community.

As a family law firm, Hedges had a family member as Senior Partner for 193 years until Sir John Hedges retired from the business in 1982. Hedges had merged with another local law firm, Hatt & Co., in the early 1960s, ultimately giving the company a new family lineage and Adrian Hatt was the third generation of his family to run the law firm.

Hedges Law truly believes in making a difference to their client’s lives and doing so in a way that’s just that little bit different from all the other law firms. Running through the heart of the business, and defining everything they do, is a set of values. These values keep them focussed on really caring, about their clients and about each other. They help them to make the smallest things (which can often be the biggest things) really matter.

Wayne Pollock, Director of Central Services “Hedges has witnessed many world events across the centuries. We consider ourselves to be leaders in the use of true cloud-based technology to support our goal of delivering high-end legal services to our clients. Our old dictation system was expensive to run and did not meet our ‘anywhere, any-time and any-device’ operational strategy.  Moving to Diktamen’s true cloud dictation solution made pure business, financial and operational sense. The COVID 19 lockdown meant business as usual. Diktamen simply switched us on and our users embraced the technology with ease.”

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen VP Business Development “Word of mouth referrals are great and act to underline that we are doing the right things. I recognised the frustrations Hedges Law had with their previous digital dictation provider and knew that we could provide a valuable alternative. We believe in building strong relationships and doing what is required to have happy clients. We customise every account and are experts in delivering the best value for money cloud-based experience without any limitations.”


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