Kerseys Solicitors LLP switch to Diktamen for Digital Dictation

Kerseys Solicitors in Ipswich and Colchester are a leading law firm established in the year 1881, with a rich heritage of providing tailored commercial and private legal services to individuals, families, and businesses. Their exceptional client service and a commitment to providing good value for money lies at the heart of their services tailored to meet the needs of private individuals and families. They endeavour through pricing plans to make access to legal services available to everyone and are delighted to represent private individuals from across the local and wider community.

Kerseys Solicitors aim to be much more than legal advisors to their commercial clients, they are their trusted advisors, helping clients to both protect and grow their businesses from start-ups to eventual disposal. Kerseys Solicitors required a dictation solution to allow their team to work remotely without increasing the overheads of the business. 

Kimat Singh, Equity Partner and Head of the Commercial team at Kerseys “Being a lawyer no longer means being tied to the office.  Whilst our existing dictation product worked well, extending the mobility features was becoming increasingly expensive along with the requirement for on-premise infrastructure. I required a cost-effective way of using a tool to dictate from anywhere, on any device, to service my firm.  The initial Diktamen trial took place in the family team who wanted to use their time spent at court or travelling in a more productive way for our business. This proved successful and we rolled out to the whole firm shortly after.”

Trudy Hooper, IT & Business Operations at Kerseys Solicitors “I am very impressed with the service and support Diktamen have provided. Some of my colleagues took time to adjust due to the different look and feel at the beginning, but this was overcome quite quickly. If what you are looking to achieve is a reduction in business overheads, and IT staff time in maintaining servers, whilst allowing lawyers to dictate from the office or on the move, with support staff able to transcribe from any location, Diktamen is the way forward.”

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen VP Business Development “Reducing overheads has always been crucial when reviewing profitability. Especially in these current times, securing value for money has never been more important for Law firms. At Diktamen we offer an unrivalled solution for undeniably the best value. In addition, freeing up your IT resource and budget to concentrate on other areas of the business adds further value that cannot go unnoticed.”


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