McKees switch to Diktamen True-Cloud Digital Dictation

Grainne Verner, McKees Office Manager “Following on from a very successful trial period, McKees were happy to make the move to Diktamen.  The transition was seamless.  Technical support was excellent and was provided every step of the way.  The portability of the system is impressive and feedback from our users highlighted the excellent sound quality.  We have also made significant cost savings for the year ahead”

Joseph DiCarlo, Diktamen Vice President – Business Development “We offer free trial periods because we are very confident that our solution is better than our competitors, and that the overall Diktamen experience is far superior. We pride ourselves on making the transition to Diktamen very easy and simple for Law firms. The icing on the cake is that not only do we provide a better solution, we are also much better value for money”

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