Odonnells Solicitors upgrade to Diktamen for True-Cloud Digital Dictation

Odonnells Solicitors located in Preston specialise in the representation of patients across the whole spectrum of mental health and capacity. They have been involved in very high-profile cases and are helping to develop the law in relation to the deprivation of liberty of incapacitated individuals.

What makes them special is their focus on their clients. They aim to ensure that every aspect of service is designed to make clients’ involvement as straight forward as can be. Odonnells Solicitors are keenly aware that they are only as good as the clients’ experience, so they pay attention to all feedback that they receive, and they strive to ensure that service exceeds clients’ expectations.

Odonnells Solicitors are committed to promoting equality and diversity in their firm, as well as in those areas in which they have influence. As part of that commitment, they are proud to have signed up to the Law Society diversity and inclusion charter.

Philippa Curran, Odonnells Solicitors, Director “We should have upgraded sooner. The benefits have been tremendous, and everyone really enjoys using Diktamen. Going back to our previous system would be a step backwards. The audio clarity is fantastic and the ability to receive work whilst they are on the move has enabled us to manage our time better. The whole Diktamen experience has been impressive”.

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen, VP Business Development “At Diktamen we focus on our clients. We are committed to deliver the best experience to exceed client’s expectations. The demand to be able to work effortlessly from any location, at any time, is the highest it has ever been. We have an excellent True-Cloud digital dictation solution with a very attentive team that empower our clients to excel.”   


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