Rooks Rider LLP switch to Diktamen for Digital Dictation

Rooks Rider Solicitors LLP was established in 1761 and is a boutique legal firm based in the UK, with a long-standing tradition of offering high-quality legal services to businesses and individuals. As a firm, they continually strive to expand the breadth of expertise and business skills, enabling them to quickly and effectively respond to the ever-changing business environment, thereby delivering successful solutions.

Rooks Rider LLP revisited digital dictation due to a gut feeling that they were being overcharged by their existing provider. The requirement for digital dictation was still present and after performing their due diligence Diktamen ticked all the boxes needed for change. With great feedback from users and fast responses from Diktamen the trial was a big success and was rolled out effortlessly.

Darren Baily IT Manager “With the customary expensive digital dictation renewal never far away it was time to look at the market again to see if there was a better alternative, and I was pleased to find out that there was! I am very impressed with Diktamen, the way they work and respond to our requirements. It feels like we are a valued client and working with them has been very refreshing. Rolling out Diktamen was really uncomplicated and our users adapted very quickly” 

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen VP Business Development “Working with Darren has been great, he knows exactly what his users need, and we make it happen. At Diktamen we take pride in our client delivery and with our modern approach in Digital dictation, we can do this very quickly. In this case, a financial saving of over 50% per year, for a better solution is good business sense and validates our value for money ethos. It is pleasing that Law firms know there is an alternative.”


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