Serious Law LLP switch to Diktamen for Digital Dictation

Serious Law LLP, an acclaimed UK law practise specialising in catastrophic injury cases. Ranked in the top tier of the Legal 500, focusing on brain injury, spinal injury, cerebral palsy, and other serious injuries.

Founded in 1989, the unique and highly innovative firm was one of the country’s first to deal exclusively with personal injury. Today, Serious Law LLP is established as a leading firm in handling high value cases with a successful track record of numerous multi-million-pound settlements.

To help seriously injured clients and their families regain control of their lives, they provide an all-encompassing service that comprises expert legal assistance, together with a range of financial and aftercare support, including the provision of rehabilitation, vocational training, and housing and transport adaptation.

Serious Law LLP operates on a nationwide basis, rebuilding the lives of those affected by serious injury. The practise is committed to excellence in all areas of client care and are dedicated to the pursuit of professionalism and results.

Nick Sutton, Serious Law IT Manager “Being experienced users of cloud-based dictation for many years, we knew exactly what we needed. We tested Diktamen vigorously especially in the areas where we had encountered with other suppliers. This resulted in great user feedback, particularly in the areas of audio clarity, handling of large audio files, and general ease of use, from both our Authors and Secretaries. It is fair to say that these areas were causing us frustration prior to our switch to Diktamen. You can appreciate that Diktamen was designed as a cloud-based solution from the outset, and we feel Diktamen outperforms our previous cloud digital dictation solution. I have been very impressed with the Diktamen Support team who were on top of our initial teething issues really quickly and continue to be excellent when called upon, which is not very often at all”.

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen VP Business Development “Adoption of Software as a Service is popular, and it is becoming more widespread across the UK Legal sector. It is wonderful to hear that our software is shining above others. Switching to Diktamen is effortless and very easy to do. We are experts at delivering the best solution available in the UK. I would ask other law firms to re-evaluate digital dictation, especially as the excessive annual renewals are never that far away. We are confident that our solution and services are the best, and that we can guarantee a far greater return for your investment in many areas”.


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