Streeter Marshall LLP select Diktamen for True-Cloud Digital Dictation

“Lawyers don’t necessarily embrace change but with the improvements that Diktamen presented made them impossible to overlook. The usability of the product won many admirers of the system who simply refused to go back to our previous supplier, and from an I.T. perspective, we appreciate the unified nature of the product, making it much easier to manage than our previous platform. The whole team at Diktamen have been very helpful, knowledgeable, and supportive with our requirements, and we would happily recommend their True-cloud dictation solution.” Alvin Biggar, Streeter Marshall LLP, IT Manager

Streeter Marshall LLP is a full-service firm of solicitors based in Croydon, Purley and Warlingham, serving both local clients and clients throughout the UK and further afield. Established for over 200 years, they can trace their origins back to the year 1790 and represents an amalgamation of several former Croydon Solicitors firms. They have an outstanding reputation for being approachable, trustworthy and for providing practical, pragmatic, and robust legal advice.

With over 70 employees, they are one of the largest firms of solicitors in the area and pride themselves on providing their clients with the highest quality legal advice and exceptional personal service for both private and commercial business clients.

Their people make them unique and play a huge part in maintaining their distinctive culture. They provide first class levels of client service. Streeter Marshall LLP are immensely proud of the proportion of work that comes from their existing clients or personal recommendations as this is a testimony to the service and value they provide to generations of local businesses and families over the years.

Streeter Marshall LLP is a modern and progressive firm which has made a substantial investment in IT over the years and is able to provide a high standard of service to clients at a price which represents value for money.

“It’s true that many people tend not to embrace change, especially if it’s easier to continue doing something the same way. To be modern and progressive you need to recognise the improvements that digital transformation can bring. In our expert hands, it’s great to hear that the Diktamen experience exceeds client expectations.” Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen, VP Business Development


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