Malcomson Law switch to Diktamen for Digital Dictation

Malcomson Law located at offices in Dublin and Carlow Ireland switched to Diktamen for digital dictation via authorised Dublin based partner, Abacus Systems Ltd

Malcomson Law was founded in 1858 in Carlow by Robert
Malcomson, a member of a well-known Waterford family of tanners. When Robert K
Law joined the firm, it became Malcomson & Law. In 1996, Raymond Bradley
opened the Dublin office near the Four Courts in the legal district in
Smithfield. He rebranded the practice as Malcomson Law and built up a
specialist medical negligence and health law division. Malcomson Law
represented members of the Irish Haemophilia Society. Malcomson Law is
synonymous with health law litigation in Ireland.

The firm is also an advocate for change, arguing at legal
and political level for justice for the wrongs done to its clients, and for
improvements in both health care and compensation arrangements for victims of
medical malpractice. At commercial and business level, the firm employs
state-of-the-art IT systems to provide an efficient service to its clients,
whether they are property developers or individuals buying their first home.

Ray Cooney, Malcomson Law IT Manager “It was the right time to replace our legacy digital dictation provider which had ongoing issues with the latest OS builds and was unable to perform as required for remote working. We have many users that needed the ability and ease of use that comes with working flexibility and the Diktamen SAAS cloud-based solution, both from an internal perspective and for use with smartphones, fitted our company needs perfectly. Diktamen were very helpful from the beginning and the free trial went very well. Cloud-based dictation is the way forward for any size of legal firm in my opinion, as it’s so customisable, efficient and cost effective. It made the decision to switch provider for our firm an easy one. To have Abacus Systems locally to supply the required new hardware and with the wealth of experience that they bring simply reinforced our selection of provider”

Eoghan Johnson, Business Development Director Abacus Systems Ltd “The Diktamen cloud-based dictation platform is very robust and secure, enabling smartphone users to dictate from any location effortlessly. The workflow efficiencies and system design possibilities accommodate all types of legal firms. We have a wide range of expertise, hardware, and services that continue to support Diktamen going forwards.” 

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen VP Business Development “It was outstanding working with Malcomson Law as it was clear they knew exactly what they needed. All we did was listen to their requirements and design their own customised cloud-based dictation solution. The creation process is very quick as we have a team of experts who are accustomed to designing and implementing the client’s productivity proposals. The rollout went very smoothly, and the users are very happy with Diktamen”


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