New Diktamen app supports Business Continuity Planning for UK legal firms

An increasing number of people have the requirement to work away from their traditional office workstation.

With this trend across the UK legal industry growing year on year, Diktamen is pleased to announce that our smart device app (that can be downloaded from the google play store or the apple app store) has been creatively enhanced with a contemporary Nordic design that makes using the application incredibly easy with no user training required. This enables authors to create, send, and manage dictation from any location.

In addition, the users who access the sent dictations can also login to their account via any web browser and access the encrypted audio files to hear the content.

At Diktamen, we have made the journey to work remotely an effortless part of your Business Continuity Plans.

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen VP Business Development “We improved something that was already very good to start with; the creative team in Finland have done a great job designing something very user-friendly and incredibly functional. It’s good to hear great feedback from our UK clients on just how productive our solution enables them to be whilst working out of the office”