McKees switch to Diktamen True-Cloud Digital Dictation

Grainne Verner, McKees Office Manager “Following on from a very successful trial period, McKees were happy to make the move to Diktamen.  The transition was seamless.  Technical support was excellent and was provided every step of the way.  The portability of the system is impressive and feedback from our users highlighted the excellent sound quality. 

Nowell Meller Solicitors switch to Diktamen for Digital Dictation

Steve Kirwan, Managing Director Nowell Meller Solicitors “The Diktamen True-Cloud solution is very user-friendly and offers managers a greater level of clarity and visibility than did our previous system. I must add that we have found Diktamen’s service levels to be exceptional – staff have been very responsive and helpful. The whole experience of changing

Latimer Hinks Solicitors switch to Diktamen True-Cloud Digital Dictation

Elizabeth Armstrong, Latimer Hinks Solicitors, Solicitor & Managing Director “Reviewing our digital dictation has been on the agenda for a while as part of our ongoing IT investment and Diktamen was highly recommended in the legal software community. The quality of the audio is outstanding, and the overall usability of the solution has been what

LDJ Solicitors upgrade to Diktamen True-Cloud Digital Dictation

“Working with Diktamen has been a real pleasure. The whole system has proven to be very flexible, and we like the fact that remote working is now effortless via the mobile app.  Overall, the simplicity of the product and the whole experience made our decision to switch provider a very easy one to make. Everything

Milburns Solicitors switch to Diktamen’s True-Cloud Digital Dictation

“The advantages of using Diktamen has been tremendous. The software is incredibly easy to use, and the annual 60% cost saving we make switching to Diktamen, for a better service, made our decision a very smart one.” Louise Storr, Milburns Solicitors, Business Manager Milburns Solicitors are proud that their firm has been an established member

Meade King Solicitors switch to Diktamen’s True-Cloud Digital Dictation

James Hawkins, Managing Partner, Meade King LLP. “Diktamen were highly recommended to us by our IT consultants who sang their praises. We have been extremely impressed at how quickly and easily our users have adopted this reliable dictation solution. It’s not hard to see why they are the go-to recommended provider for digital dictation. I

Mowll & Mowll Solicitors switch to Diktamen for True-Cloud Digital Dictation

Lexcel Law Society accredited Mowll & Mowll Solicitors are a Kent based company that has been meeting clients’ legal needs since 1871. On April 1st, 2014, they moved from a partnership and became a limited company. They pride themselves on high standards of service and this is reflected in their excellent client feedback.  Whether you

Thompson & Cooke Solicitors upgrade to Diktamen’s True-Cloud Digital Dictation

“I have been very impressed with just how approachable and helpful Diktamen are. The trial was a roaring success, and our users are very happy with our new, better way to manage dictations from any location. Conveyancing has been very busy for us, and yet we still managed to incorporate Diktamen effortlessly without disruption.” Craig

Streeter Marshall LLP select Diktamen for True-Cloud Digital Dictation

“Lawyers don’t necessarily embrace change but with the improvements that Diktamen presented made them impossible to overlook. The usability of the product won many admirers of the system who simply refused to go back to our previous supplier, and from an I.T. perspective, we appreciate the unified nature of the product, making it much easier

Taylor Walton LLP switch to Diktamen for True-Cloud Digital Dictation

Taylor Walton LLP is a top 200 UK law firm that provides a full range of legal services to businesses, individuals and families in the Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire areas. The firm is confident that its broad experience ensures exceptional results, whatever the challenges their clients face. It is a highly respected regional firm and proud

Direct Dictation Solutions & Diktamen partner to provide Digital Dictation for Legal firms

Newcastle leading dictation and hardware supplier Direct Dictation Solutions and Diktamen combine to provide fresh innovative voice productivity tools. A collaboration with Direct Dictation Solutions (DDS) was formed to provide a cost-effective cloud dictation solution that further supports UK legal clients instantly. Diktamen have been developing digital dictation solutions for over a decade; our London

Diktamen + WELGO = agile workflow efficiency at reduced costs

Scottish leading hardware supplier Welgo and Diktamen partner to provide agile voice tools at affordable prices in the UK. Fresh to the UK, Diktamen is an established business founded in 2007. Digital Dictation is not a new concept – and voice capture solutions are essential everyday tools to enhance and streamline productivity. Welgo has been