Diktamen reveal complete dictation and typing integration with Document Direct.

Law firms are constantly looking for efficient, seamless services to enable their fee earners to do the job they are best at – providing outstanding legal advice to their clients.

One fundamental part of this is their ability to dictate their advice and opinions and have this typed and transcribed as accurately and as quickly as possible.

Most dictation services can manage this very well within a closed loop office environment. However, with the impact of Covid-19 forcing many firms to adopt remote working environments which have impacted their typing resources, several challenges are now posed. The emergence of outsourcing of dictation, and cloud-based services offer some solution although many of the well-established dictation systems cannot offer a seamless integration and solution to this problem.

Diktamen’s truecloud digital dictation solution has addressed this issue and working with the UK’s leading typing and transcription service, Document Direct, they have created a complete integration feature to make the lives of all fee earners that much easier. Diktamen has extended its functionality using the latest cloud software technologies to facilitate secure and robust outsourcing of dictations for transcription, that is much more than just a standard integration.   

The effortless ability to securely send dictations to be typed by legal transcription experts at Document Direct is simply a tick box away and is now an extension of the Diktamen system.

Diktamen’s ground-breaking union with Document Direct offers a huge scope for client-focused refinements that provides law firms with full visibility of their audio files and document creation process. This goes way beyond, and is far more reliable, than what is currently available to the UK legal market. This technological improvement to age old troubles is in line with highlighting Diktamen as the market leading true-cloud digital dictation experts, who listen to client requirements and provide ethical affordable solutions that work better.

Martyn Best, Document Direct, CEO “We have been providing cost effective, confidential, legal transcription services that are available 24/7, with 100% accuracy for many years providing our clients with the confidence to use our services on a daily basis. Our complete integration with Diktamen is certainly the smoothest integration we currently have with any digital dictation provider.

It was refreshing to work with a progressive, forward-minded business who put their clients first, with user experience as their key focus. Diktamen showed us that they truly understood the difficulties that many law firms have in maximising their efficiency in this area, and they showed a sharp recognition of the need for a fully integrated digital dictation and typing service. I believe that together we have created, rather than just adapted, the first truly integrated cloud-based dictation and typing service.

It’s not just about the software, thrilling though this integration is, it’s about understanding what a client is really looking for in terms of a secure and easy to use service, backed up by great pro-active support.”

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen, VP Business Development “For a long time we have been seeing the trend for law firms to want to take advantage of cloud technology, and in the area of digital dictation and secure transmission of sound files, there is a very clear opportunity to improve what already exists. You cannot export an audio file to a disparate system and expect the best user experience, and so you need to really understand what lawyers are looking for.

At Diktamen we recognise the stages needed for the work to be processed, transcribed, and returned, providing end-users the 360 visibility that has always been lacking with traditional outsourcing methods. Working with Document Direct, the industry leader as transcription specialists, our innovative approach is a natural step forward, where combined, we provide a unique true-client centric solution that is more reliable and feature-rich due to our close-knit systems collaboration.”



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